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Physiology Quiz in Japan 2023

  • Date: March 26, 2023 (Sun) [JST, GMT+9]

  • This competition is going to be held Online.

Detailed time schedule will be announced on this page.​


The Physiology Quiz in Japan (PQJ) is where undergraduates from all over the world gather and compete for their knowledge of physiology in quizzes to decide the 1st prize. Not only medical students but students from other departments are also welcomed. All quizzes consist of “clinical-based physiology,” then we don’t demand any specialized knowledge of sicknesses. After the competition, online farewell party is planned. Through competition and party, you can make friends from all over the world!

Physiology Quiz in Japan(PQJ)は、世界各国から集った大学生が生理学の知識を競い頂点を目指すクイズ大会です。医学部生だけでなく、他学科の学生も参加できます。クイズはすべて「臨床に即した生理学」であり、病気に関する専門的な知識は要求されません。 大会終了後は、オンラインでの懇親会を予定しています。大会や懇親会を通じて、世界中の大学生と親睦を深めることができます。


[Schedule] March 26, 2023 (Sun)

[Setting] Zoom is mainly used on the day. Please prepare a terminal and an internet environment that can open zoom stably.

[Participation fee] Free!

[Participants] University students from all over the world, regardless of the faculty, school year, and nationality.  

[Team formation] 2 to 5 people. Multiple teams from the same university can participate. It is not necessary for team members to gather in one place on the day.

[Prize for the winners]Award certification, Japanese/English medical textbooks(paper/e-books). Please show the guidance of awards and sponsors below.

 [Other information] It is also possible to participate in the tournament as a spectator without joining the matches. Detailed information of spectators will be announced later.

[設定] 当日は主にZoomを使用します。zoomを安定して開くことができる端末とインターネット環境をご用意ください。

[参加費] 無料
[参加対象] 世界中の大学生、学部・学年・国籍は問いません。 
[チーム編成] 2~5名。同じ大学から複数チームの参加も可能です。当日、チームメンバーが一ヶ所に集まる必要はありません。 


[その他] クイズの解答者ではなく観戦のみの参加も可能です。詳細につきましては大会の日にちが近づきましたらお知らせします。

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