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Thanks for joining us!

Acanethus(Japan):We would like to enjoy this wonderful opportunity. We will do the best to win the tournament!
HULOKKKA(Vietnam) :Know your value. Wear your crown. Write your own story. Each of us is a warrior so fight for your dream. Thank you!
The ASU Ganglion(Egypt):Ancient Egypt is where the first dawn of modern medical care has been found, including bone setting, dentistry, simple surgery, and the use of different sets of medicinal pharmacopeias
Kami no money money(Japan):Victory!!!!!!!!!
Nicotinic Receptor(Malaysia):LET'S GO UM!
Aspect(Mongolia):Lets have fun
Team_Calcium(Belgium):PQJ2022 was great, we can't wait for the PQJ2023!!
Tuna(Japan):One for all, all for one.
PhysioloGunma(Japan):We gonna proceed to the second stage this time!
Ngai Truong handsome(Vietnam):Just do it
UCLouvain(Belgium):Keep moving forward!
The neurotransmitters(China):Harder we work, luckier we are!🤟
Helicobacter(Indonesia):We are very excited to take part in this competition, even though this is our first international competition, we will give our best
Bílá Labuť(Czech):Ahoj! We are Bílá Labuť! We are med students from Japan studying in Czech Republic. I hope we all have fun at this competition!
Team NARAMED(Japan):We love physiology and are loved by physiology. In this quiz tournament, if we encounter questions we don't understand, we ask our bodies.
UnjukRasa(Indonesia):Semangat bro
Lucky DTU(Vietnam):My slogan is Dare to change!!
blue mountain(Japan):We love physiology
Metformin(Macau):Let’s enjoy the competition and make friends!!
THA gen 2.1(Vietnam):We love Physiology!!!
ZEPH(Mongolia):If you can dream it, you can do it
Itai Doshin(Indonesia):Itai doshin is a team of sciencophiles who found their true passion in Science and are trying their best to showcase their depth of love towards Science by joining competitions. Even though we are of different bodies, we share a single mindset and that is to be the best and we believe that we are going to shock the world. A message to the other teams: Goodluck and be prepared to see us at the top! 幸運を!
Metabolic Masters(Slovenia):Hello from our Slovenian team!
The Tibia and the Fibula(Vietnam):All right, everybody. It’s a beautiful night to save lives. Let’s have some fun.
Punten Lewat(Indonesia):Since this is our first competition in the Faculty of Medicine, we hope that everyone, including us, can learn a lot from this experience and improve along the way. Semangaaat untuk tim-tim lain!!
Fight or Flight(Vietnam):Quiz lovers never quit
Lato Lato(Indonesia):Tek tek tek tek
Frank-Starling(Indonesia):Hope we can win this!
THA gen 2.2(Indonesia):Goodluck!
Homeostasis(Indonesia):Find the road to Physiology island 😀
Jiamusi University(China):We want to show our team's mien and make more friends through the competition.
Brillian's Hope(Indonesia):we will win this quiz
Insula(Indonesia):Lets do our best!
Broca's aphasia(Malaysia):We're gonna leave you speechless.
Homeostasis(Indonesia):Learning is fun!
Glücklich(Indonesia):Ganbatte kudasai
Royale(Indonesia):Let the game begins
“CURB-65”(Peru):Success for everyoneee
The sympatomimetics.(Peru):Best wishes to all
Natural Killer(Peru):Thanks for the opportunity
Physiological receptors(Peru):Good luck everyoneee
Thanks for the opportunity(Japan):Let’s enjoy PQJ!
Liaison(Japan):We hope to make a lot of friends who are the best physiology lovers🫀
kagawaphysiologyclub(Japan):we will do our best
Bona Fortuna(Indonesia)
Oral Biologis(Indonesia):
Hematocrit(Indonesia):Into the amazing world of physiology!
Cutie Interval(Indonesia):please add more bonding/game session
SidangSem6(Indonesia):Nothing makes physiology stick than a few quiz. Exciting to be answering fun quizzes with you all!!
Gakkenn@Kagawa(Japan):exceeding last year !
生理学に愛を込めて(Japan):GLove for PQJ, and all of staffs and competitors!!!
Izin masuk(Indonesia):Kami izin masuk
Invictus(Indonesia):Through this competition, may we learn, compete, also advance the importance of medical physiology field. Best of luck for all of us!
Quickle(Japan):Hi, we are Quickle. We will do our best.
Thiamine(Japan):Treat the patient, not the disease
ASU MAOI(Egypt):We are really thrilled to join this contest and we will win
Ranup Lam Puan(Indonesia):at least we try
Physic Fun(Indonesia):My team is very excited!!
Monphys(Indonesia):Physiology is amazing. Everyone participating is amazing.
Cutie interval(Indonesia)
we believe that we can be the winner !!
TurtleDTU(Viet Nam):Exchange and learn
group chat(5)(China)
ZJ alliance(China)
You are never too old to learn.
Lifelong Scholar(China)
Functional syncytium(China)
Old Six(China):
This is the story of three pediatric medical students and one endoscopy medical student. They are hardworking, aggressive and cunning. I believe they can have a wonderful match with each group of players this time.
Group 8(China)
Group 9(China)
Study hard,rise to the top,and do important things.
Group 03(China)
Death Horizon(China)
Five swords of CMU(China)
Although teammates don't touch Physiology before, we still gather all courage to sigh up this meaningful competition. What matters not the result, but the process!
Old Eights(China):JUST DO IT!!!
double h(China)
Rowing Team(
Five sub-ka(China):
when there is a will there is a way
Medcine for life(
Endless Learning(China)
God helps those who help themselves
Group 26(China)
Group 27(China)
Group 28(
No one stands in my way
Lucky doggies(China)
Group 30(China)
Babel Tower(
Group 32(China)​
Peggymonkey King(China):
Never say never
T0P group(China)
Group 35(China)
Fairy Castle(China)
Group 38(China)
Group 39(China):
enjoy competition and harvest happiness
A Little Group(China)
Group 41(China)
Group 42(China)
good good study,day day up
Nota Bene(China)
Group 45(China)
Dream Team(
Friendship first, competition second!!!
Light Of CMU(China)
Group 48(China):
You can make it if you really try!
Golden pomegranate(China):
Never say die !
Class11 team(China):Go up
simple heart(China)
The unbeatable(China):
Learn and live.
Group 54(China)
Staunch Communists(China)
No pains,no gains.
Physiology Girls(China):Journey is the reward!​
Group 58(China)
Group 59(China):
Go for it.
Genetic recombination(China)
Wise Men(
Never give up!
Group of infinite Physiology(China):Everything is the best.​
try try try(China):Don't be shy, just try!
Group 65(China)
the Unbeatable(
Don't regret.Never look back.Just go ahead.
Sofa potato(China):Being on sea, sail; being on land, settle.​
God of guess(China):Just guess,just right
wildest dreams(China)
Cabbage doggies(
Group 35(China)
Gamble Master(China)
Let's go(China)
loud team(China):
Big Plate Chicken(China)
Muggle Immunity(China)
Team A(China)
GG good game(China):
Happy new year
Random Team(China):Have a good time!
passerby(China):For fun​
Lucky Team(China):where there is a will there is a way
plan B(China):You are the best.
Illumination(China):Let there be light.
GaGa(China):No matter win or lose,smile gaga​
Bulb Bubble(China)
all pass, all right
Group 89(China)
Group 90(
zero one(China)


In the last 6 years, the number of participants continues to increase. Last year, at 2022 competition, 354 undergraduates of 87teams from 14countries joined.

We anticipate that more and more students will join PQJ2023.



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