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<Entry requirements>

・Participants must be college students. Any faculty, grade, or country is acceptable.

・A team consists of 2-5 members from the same college.

・There is no limit to the number of teams from a single college.

<General rules>

・The competition is held online on Zoom.

・Participants may join the competition from the same room.

※Pay attention not to interfere each devices in the same room. (Please prevent howling.)

・Participants may join the competition by sharing the same device.

・Participants cannot get any contact with persons other than the team members and staff.

・Participants must turn the video ON throughout the competition.

・Participants must make both hands visible on the screen except for the answerers.

・Participants cannot use textbooks and reference books, or search the Internet.

・Answers are in English only.

・The competition starts on time even if some teams haven't entered the Zoom meeting room.

・When the team cannot show the answer due to connection trouble, the team cannot get points for that question.

・Teams that do not follow the rules and instructions lose the right to proceed to the next round.

<Quiz rounds>

・The competition consists of 4 rounds; first round, second round, consolation round, and final round.

・The first round consists of about 25 questions (multiple choices). All teams registered for the competition participate in the first round. Among them, the top 30 teams qualify for the second round.

・The second round consists of about 20 questions (multiple choices, sorting, crossword). Among 30 teams, the top 7 teams qualify for the final.

・Consolation round consists of about 15 questions. This round is a “Glico” round. The number of letters in the answer will be the score for that team, but spaces are not counted. All losing teams in the first and second rounds participate in the consolation round. Among them, only the top 1 team qualifies for the final.

・The final consists of 6 questions (multiple choices, descriptive questions, calculation questions). The final determines the champions of PQJ 2023 as well as the 2nd ~ 8th places.




















・本大会はFirst round、Second round、敗者復活戦、決勝戦の4つのラウンドで構成されています。

・First roundは25問程度の問題(多肢選択式)を出題します。このうち、上位30チームが2次予選に進出します

・Second roundは約20問(選択問題、並べ替え問題、クロスワード問題)で構成されています。30チーム中、上位7チームが決勝進出となります



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